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Powerfit’s December Nutrition Group

Group Personal Training and on-camera high five from Powerfit

Powerfit’s Family First Challenge wrapup and responses

Destroying Fitness Barriers

It is often that we encounter barriers. Barriers that keep us from starting or continuing a journey that may be good for us. These barriers pop up all the time and are often labeled excuses from many. Whether you want to call them barriers, excuses, reasons or smoke screens today you will learn how to destroy them. For the sake of the post I will focus in on the top 3 barriers I have heard and how to overcome them. Barrier 1: I don’t have time to workout, shop and meal prep Time is most certainly our most precious commodity. It is the one thing that we do not get back once it is used. That day or moment is gone forever. Stopping to think ...

Mental Limitations

“All right Becky you got this we are going to do 15 push-ups right now.” “What?” said Becky. “You are insane if you think I can get 15 push-ups. I will be lucky to get 3.” ” I don’t think so I think you will be fine let’s go. 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 1 more push you got this 18. Well done Becky” “Wow I honestly did not think that I could do that many.” The conversation that you heard is common place. If it is not out loud it is what we are telling ourselves in our head. It is incredible how little we truly believe that our bodies can accomplish. We place “Mental Limitations” before we ever push our physical body to the ...

Systems of Change: 2 simple steps to see your change

When we first embark on our fitness journey we many times fail to see the successes we have early on. We often find ourselves saying things like, “I feel stronger but I weigh the same.” “I like it but I can’t run or I failed on my nutrition today.” The focus easily shifts to the one thing that we are not doing well instead of seeing all that we are doing well. If you have done this you are certainly not alone. We are our own worst critics. Here are two simple things you can do so you see the change we see in you: Take Photos each Month - You have to record your progress. One of the easiest ways to record your progress is to create a ...

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